International Guardianships

When a family member abroad begins to exhibit signs of emerging mental illness or diminished mental capacity, it raises difficult challenges. Does the family member need to be near you? In what country will he or she receive the best care?

Different nations have different ways of dealing with diminished capacity (some have almost no framework for it whatsoever), and you need to respond quickly. You will need to work with an attorney in your home country and an attorney in the country where your family member is located.

Before addressing any of those concerns, you will need to reach out to an experienced and compassionate attorney in the United States who is experienced in Guardianship/Conservatorship and can assist you in evaluating venue and jurisdiction that is most appropriate. Blake Law attorneys are those attorneys. We are experienced in evaluating venue and jurisdiction issues to determine what country is the appropriate place to start your efforts. If international authority is necessary, in addition to or instead of United States Guardianship or Conservatorship authority, we are experiences in ensuring a cooperative effort is made between the United States and international attorneys. In the event it is necessary or appropriate, we may assist you in establishing a foreign guardianship that will give you the authority to make decisions on your family member’s behalf. This can be a complex and emotional process. You shouldn’t go through it alone.

Blake Law works in partnership with lawyers from across the globe to help clients obtain foreign guardianships and ensure their loved ones receive the care they need. Our lawyers handle cases ranging from young individuals with mental illness to elderly individuals experiencing an age-related decline in mental capacity.

The Attorneys at Blake Law are members of the International Guardianship Network (IGN), and are leaders in what has become an exciting, vital world movement. M. David Blake

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