Special Needs Trusts

At Blake Law, we help families arrange for the long-term care of loved ones with special needs.

We frequently handle special needs trusts in one of three contexts: creating a trust for a family member as part of his /her estate plan where he/ she wants to provide for special needs beneficiaries in the particular way they need; creating a trust from inheritance money; or creating a special needs trust with the person’s own money. We enjoy working with clients throughout the entire process of establishing special needs trusts, and in some cases, serving as trustee.

Finding Solutions to Fit Your Specific Situation

Special needs trusts are  highly versatile legal tools. Some uses of a special needs trust  are to:

  • Ensure that a trusted third party has control of the special needs individual’s finances
  • Maximize the effectiveness of a given inheritance or other sum of money
  • Ensure that the special needs individual isn’t disqualified from receiving government benefits
  • Create a legacy for the family who creates the trust that allows him or her to direct use of the funds in the manner that best works his or her particular preferences and needs
  • Create incentives for the beneficiary

Generally, a special needs trust can be created without any court involvement. However, on occasion a special needs trust can be created or modified by legal action through the probate court. There are myriad different ways to create such a trust, or to reform an existing trust into a Special Needs Trust, and the attorneys at our firm can explain in more detail how.

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