Referring Attorneys

The Attorneys at Blake Law regularly consult with Attorneys of different jurisdictions and practice areas. At Blake Law we appreciate the opportunity to develop relationships with Attorneys from different states, countries or practice areas so that we can team to provide the best possible services for clients.

Specifically, we value working collaboratively with other attorneys on mental health issues, including guardianship and conservatorship; trust matters, probates and estates.

Mental Health issues, including Undue Influence Issues and Guardianship Conservatorship:

The Attorneys of Blake Law work collaboratively with attorneys of different jurisdictions when mental health issues arise for individuals who have moved between states or who have family residing out of state. We have noticed this need arising with some frequency for young adults at Massachusetts colleges and universities; for individuals employed or residing here who require assistance but whose family resides out-of-state; for elders who move away from family and are taken advantage of by predators; and for patients who are receiving care at Massachusetts hospitals or residential programs.

Massachusetts is the home to many of the best mental health treatment facilities in the country including McLean Hospital, and Appleton Residential Program. As such, it often makes sense for families of people in need of mental healthcare to relocate to Massachusetts.

We are experienced in handling cross-jurisdictional mental health matters, including Guardianship, Conservatorship as well as the recognition of out of state Durable Power of Attorneys and Health Care Proxies. Specifically, we are experienced in recognition of out-of-state Guardianships and Conservatorships under the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings and Jurisdiction Act (UAGPPJA) both through the transfer and registration process.

Trust Matters:

The Attorneys of Blake Law also work collaboratively with attorneys of different jurisdictions on Trusts matters.

This collaboration commonly arises in some of the following scenarios.
(1) Creating or reviewing Spendthrift Trusts or Special Needs Trusts for Massachusetts residents whose parents or loved ones wish to provide for them.

(2) Evaluating a trust that is or may be governed under the law of Massachusetts

(3) Seeking Trust modifications for matters whose venue is Massachusetts because the Trustees reside in Massachusetts or the Trust’s principal place of administration is Massachusetts.

(4) Assisting family attorneys with completing an estate plan that provides for a Special Needs beneficiary, a beneficiary with Spendthrift issues, or a beneficiary substance use disorder who resides in Massachusetts.

(5) Evaluating a Trust that was drafted under and controlled by Massachusetts Law,

(6) Evaluating and assisting with a change of venue of a trust from Massachusetts or bring to Massachusetts.

Probate and Estate:

We also work collaboratively with Attorneys of different jurisdictions on Estates that involve property or assets located in Massachusetts which may requires Probate, an ancillary probate, or lifetime deeding into Trust.

We welcome Attorneys who may need assistance in any of the above matters to contact us to discuss further.

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